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Thursday, May 22, 2014

There's a massive difference between judgement and observation. One thing is to judge and another is to have discernment. Walking away from what no longer serves us without a judgement but understanding where we are and what we won't stand for is not a judgement it's rather living in integrity with our values.

Lets get real about the ole 
"What we judge in others is a direct reflection of what exists within ourselves" routine. 

To be sure, there is value in considering how we are projecting our own stuff onto others- that is a wise inquiry- 
but not every negative judgement we feel is sourced in our own stuff, or in our soulular memory of past life misbehaviours. 

Sometimes we are appalled by certain behaviours because we have evolved to the point where we can distinguish good from bad, 
healthy from unhealthy, 
benevolent from malevolent. 

Do you know who planted the anti-judgement mantra with the world? 

Gurus who wanted to deflect responsibility when they were not living up to their professed standards. 

You call them on their stuff and they turn the mirror right back on you. It all comes back to good ole common sense. 

Sometimes we are projecting, and sometimes we are seeing things exactly as they are. 

Pick your path..

Sometimes it has nothing to do with mirroring or reflecting your own deep seated issues. Sometimes it only has to do with the values you choose to live by.

There's a HUGE difference between judgement & discernment.

A kind and compassionate oriented person is often very naive to the ways of a selfish and cruel personality and needs to learn how to have boundaries and deliver consequences.