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Friday, May 16, 2014

Convince the world by your character....

If someone attacks your character or your reputation, it really does very little good to enter into an argument over their accusations. 

Many times you only make things worse by addressing their attacks. In fact, this is a common ploy used by people of low character to bring attention to themselves when they are not deserving of attention

They will attack someone who is well known or someone of reputation just to get some attention. It is an example of the old adage, 
“No publicity is bad publicity.”

The best way to handle such an attack is to ignore it. 

Don’t add more fuel to the fire. 

Live your life in such a way that your reputation precedes you and that those who know you will defend your reputation without you having to get involved. 

Convincing the world by our character. 

Let your own character defend you. By making the ideals of the warrior lifestyle a reality in your life, you are allowing your character to speak for you.

Of course this takes time. 

This is why you should strive to build and maintain the reputation of a being of honour and integrity. 

Once you have achieved a reputation as a being of character, and that reputation is built on a solid foundation, not on lies, 
then it will be hard for someone to successfully attack your character. 

The key here is that your character is true. 
You must live the warrior lifestyle, not pretend to live it. 

There is a big difference here. 
Build character, not the illusion of character. 

Be a true person you are born to be!.