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Saturday, May 3, 2014

i write because i like who i am when i do

--honesty might be weirdly simple

--i am finding cynical isn't as lucid as practical 

--my words don't lead anywhere i have been. deepest apologies if you were hoping to go somewhere guided with all this reading. 
Sayang is an unguided non-tour.

--i believe in the capacity to achieve small, practical things

--whatever i can paint right now, sitting here in the cottage, slowly growing tired, it's just because the electricity is working in the computer, the internet provider and whatever the love you are. 

--skip every other word you can think in a sentence and trust only in the sentence made by the ones you don't skip

--when was the last time we heard a question?

--it of is maybe

--okay. what do we all hate about territory?
 i'll go first. 
i think it's ghastly primitive. 

--flummoxing a yonder jaunt

--the flash when you realize everything you ever experienced was never actually somewhere else

--tonight i feel like life was still really good just to ride around in the sun. gotta love urethane

--i like the people who say there is no choice.

--choices choices choices

--i am learning to use mys-elves when things get funky

--was something about writing thoughts and remembering anxiety

--i can't talk about anyone's life with certainty and i can evaluate and judge based on what i think when it is appropriate and, conveniently, inappropriate.

what would tomorrow me like today me to actually have attempted
rather than
just waiting for tomorrow me to find a time machine and attempt it