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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You can only heal your heart with your heart, and to do that we have to open the heart wide enough for its healing elixir to rain down on our pain. 

Why bury the tears that heal us? 
Why bury the emotions that fertilize our expansion? 

Emotional release is a potent way to regain a genuine experience of the moment. 

Tears clear the dirt from our heart so we can see the path clearly. Let our quest for spiritual expansion begin with emotional authenticity. 

Nothing to hide, nowhere to hide it.

Writing in India today after a fantastic week in Nepal. Right now it is 3. 35 am, I could not close my eyes for I cannot wait to scrutinize this beautiful place.

Feels so good to feel the beat of the city holding the space for my creativity. Now and then, I look up at the people coming in and out, walking past, and I endeavour to see them through empathic eyes, wondering 
"What are you struggling with?"; 
"What are you feeling in this moment?", 
"How are we the same?" 

When I was younger, I just saw differences and threats, and sometimes, I still do. But, more often than not, I see friends on a shared journey of remembering.

Not a day goes by when I don’t feel challenged and distracted by an old pattern, another test, a false- path that holds temptation. 

I don’t think it’s a simple question of ļ¬nding our sacred purpose and owning it every moment. I think we are always pulled off of it and have to remember. 
Forget, remember, forget, remember. 
It’s just that the remembering gets easier over time.