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Saturday, May 24, 2014

So here’s the human situation.

You know of someone who needs healing. So you sit in the silence holding them up to the light. And then other names come to mind and you add them in. 
But this is simply the first step in healing.

The second step is the last step. You enter the silence, remembering that the nameless formless one in us all need not be healed, only remembered.

The human struggle to change the human situation is doomed. Doing does not get the job done. Being consciousness answers the dilemma of doing your bit to heal the universe.
Remember yourself.
Just remember yourself.

This is easier said than done. For we are automatons in action. After all, we were raised to
“go about doing good.”
No one told us we were falling into the mental trap of how we should be.

In essence we are eternally whole. 

And that’s the truth.

Do nothing but be.

And healing the planet happens without your knowing anything about it.

First you heal your world.

Next you realize that your world is THE world.

No difference.