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Monday, May 12, 2014

Do it - or let it be done - the thing for which your heart has always been waiting.

What is the risk? 
Losing everything? 
Then lose everything. 

The experience of failure? 
Then experience failure, taste it, find a new kind of success within it. 

Then open up to the glory of rejection, open your heart wide to the ones who reject you, see their pain and forgive them for it. 

Then fall in love with those voices of ridicule, seeing them as your beloved new-borns, your own voices in need of kind attention.

Life is too precious to waste, and too immediate to postpone, and the 'worst' that could happen is a broken body or a shattered image, neither of which are really who you are. 

Nothing to lose, except perhaps your imaginary pride, your frightened ego which secretly longs to burn in the furnace of living anyway…