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Sunday, May 18, 2014


To all the heartbroken ones,
the misunderstood ones

To all you misfits, outcasts, 
freaks and worldly failures 

To the ones they jeer at, poke, ridicule and crucify 

To all you lonely disillusioned poets and mad visionaries

To those whose worlds are falling apart

To those who have sought the Light for so long yet still feel far away

To those whose unshakeable absolutes have dissolved into the relative

To those whose hearts are burning up

To those whose dreams have crumbled to the ground

To those who have given everything for truth

To those who have taken the path of crucifixion over the path of worldly comfort

To all of you out there in the dark

I salute you

There is such dignity in what you are going through

Life has called you to the deepest kind of trust in your own experience

Do not turn away

This is your unique invitation

From the cosmic perspective nothing has gone wrong

Only the false can die

From the perspective of the heart
it is always a brand new day

Your beauty is your broken perfection

I walk with you,
my perfectly broken family.