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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

With sincerity, there is virtue....

A person can’t really be virtuous without being sincere. 
Without sincerity, there is no honour or integrity; 
there is only a charade, played out for others to see, and for the benefit of the actor. 

Many people want to be seen as having these virtuous character traits without having to put forth the effort that is required to actually have them be a part of their lives. 

Their agenda is not to perfect their character, but rather to perfect their appearance. They are interested in all of the benefits that come from having an honourable name, but not in the discipline that it takes to become honourable.

The key ingredient that is missing in these people is sincerity. 

They are not sincere, and without sincerity, 
there is no virtue, even if there appears to be virtue. 

An honourable person must be able to distinguish between a person of virtue and the person who only appears virtuous. 
Unfortunately, the majority of the people we meet will fit into the latter category. 
Many people love to read and talk about honour, integrity, and character, but they don’t really apply these virtues to their own life.

Don’t be like the person who only appears honourable; be honourable. 

Be sincere in your quest to live an honourable lifestyle. 
Make these virtues a part of who you are, not because of the external benefits, but because of the internal benefits that come from being a man of virtue. 

Take your life seriously and take your character seriously. If you don’t, you will falter when the chips are down and your back is against the wall. 

You must be sincere in everything you do