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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What we get when we don't want to tell other people what to do is more room to see what we do when we don't wait for anyone else to change. It is a form of self-love, not wanting to tell anyone else how to live life. It's a free gift we can only lose one way.

All this talk about getting enlightened or waking up.
What exactly are you "getting" or "waking" from?
Are you lacking something?
And if so, how do you find it or who gives it to you?
What do you imagine it will be like after you "get it"?
Will you spend your life trying to help other people "get it" or will you just move to the mountains and keep "it" to yourself?
And how will you feel about those who just don't "get it"?
Again I ask, exactly what do you think you are missing and how or from whom are you going to get "it"?

One of the most insidious mental blocks to our sense of happiness and well being is the persistent and universal existential perception that something is fundamentally wrong with us.
That we are separate.
That we lack something essential.
When this underlying assumption is successfully challenged, many other perceived "problems" begin to drop away or at least lose some of their urgency.

 It is the experience,
it is the last host of peak of all that is beautiful,
of all that is immortal,
of all that is blissful, and
it is the finest definition of your being.
Beyond that when transcended no experience, no experience, no enlightenment, everything is left behind and it is the entry in to womb of infinite nothingness from where all existence have come and you are part of it.....
until then one are never satisfied...
.feeling comes of lacking something......
or finding the best in everything.... the very idea that keeps the game of "searching for what has never been missing" going strong.

Deep inside feeling of missing is creator of searching it is the game of ego......

People get caught up with terminology and perceptions of what "enlightenment/waking up" is;
I awoke realizing that it was not necessary.
My life journey might simply be to overcome my own self made addictions/obsessions and be the best person//friend in this moment of time.

Many who are, for the most part, finished with their seeking are still seeking a good name - - to be held in high esteem, I find.

Question can only come when answers are there....

People do not seek change until something just does 'work;' any more.
Most of us won't change until the fear of changing is less than the pain of staying the same.

It's just ego dressed as spiritual talk - he's awake, she's a sleep, I'm awake, you're asleep belief system, add a conspiracy theory or ten and you have the new version of what is considered spiritual these days.

It’s just no different than what they're protesting about really.

After a lifetime of being taught that selfishness is a sin, you turn around and discover that it is, by far, the healthiest way to live, and by healthiest, 
I mean that, in my selfishness, I'm finally actually available to see others, love others, and offer myself. 
It's all the false generosity and false altruism and the faking of 
'I'm here to serve you'
 that walls us off from each other. 

Healthy portions of selfishness are what tears down the walls.