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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The freedom to experience is a lot more tender and precious than the freedom from experience. It also doesn't require maintaining anything in a world where everything changes. It's about questioning our questions rather than looking for answers.

It's certainly easier and more conducive to the feelings of freedom, and happiness, and playfulness to be out in the nature. 
The normally feverish mind is quiet as the soul flies from tree to river to mountain in a sacred dance with life. 

In a way, you're always in nature just look to your body and feel its rhythms or look at the sky. 

Even sitting on the porch, or going for a walk in some neighbourhood, or at a park. In certain settings it can be less inspiring to the higher functioning. 
The environment of artifice is usually calculated or not a reminder of order, structure and contrived symmetry. 

Square tiles on the floor, 
4 walls and a roof, 
a clock on the wall sweeping away seconds, 
and all that. 

It has its use...and it is in fact no less 'nature' than anything else, but it doesn't do much to facilitate the innate curiosity generated by random, manifest expression produced so effortlessly by the greater and higher mind that is always at play.