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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What if.....?

What if we all walked around naked? 
So that our similarities and vulnerability wouldn't be hidden. 

I often wonder how different the world would be if we all walked around naked. 

I realize that in contemporary society this isn’t a plausible idea as for some it wouldn't be convenient or safe for daily life. 
But I imagine we would treat people a lot differently if we all walked around naked as most of us would be crippled with insecurity. 

I believe the ego would almost immediately evaporate or conversely, go into an extreme over active state and then quickly return to a permanent dormant state. 
Eventually however I think we would all show a lot more respect to one another, especially the elderly, I think it would be hard not to help an elderly person if you could see an aged body in such a vulnerable state. 

We would have a very different idea of what would be considered a good day. 

It is said in Genesis that Adam and Eve were no longer allowed to dwell in 'paradise' when they 'ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' 
This parable reflects humanities fall from grace, long ago when we gained self awareness and awoke as if into an alien universe. 
This is the true catalyst for Adam and Eve becoming 'self conscious' and suddenly needing fig leaves, we evolved the ability to think, to judge, and as more and more content entered the mind we came to permanently inhabit the realm of thought. 

We fell victim to the illusion of separation. 
We came to see a false self and subsequently feel the need to protect that self. 

Now imagine the threat the illusory sense of self would feel if we were all stripped of our clothing, if we were forced into such a drastic change, from the way we usually perceive ourselves, and then a shift would occur, whether it would be a diminished of ego or intensification of it who knows. 

Clothing, now days, is becoming all about status, all about the brand, to some it would seem downright insane to spend your days naked. 

To others, clothing is seen for what it is a thin veil of protection, a veil of enhancement that, through identification with our aesthetics, can provide a false sense of confidence, security and status. 

Indeed I believe, primarily with younger people, that judgement of another's choice of clothing is one of the main ways in which the ego enhances itself and inflates its feeling of superiority or inferiority, either way, the ego feels separate. 

Clothing aids you in seeing separation, everyday any number of us will make subconscious assumptions about another bases on their appearance. 

Usually these judgements have to do with what is wrong with the other, which of course is only the ego reacting to a projection of itself. 
What you react too strongly in another also resonates within you. 
Learning and living this truth will lead to an intensely personal transformation. 
Everything you dislike about others can lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself.