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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I've heard some women say that a man "completes them"....

If they are "completing" you, then you didn't have enough of "you" to begin with. A good relationship *adds* the two of you together... it doesn't take the lacking of one and then eliminate them.
Stay an individual that shares a *part* of yourself with another... don't just become whole by being in a relationship.

This goes for men as well as women. Some men fear being alone, so the need to company of a woman to feel complete... to feel as if they have purpose. You need to have YOU first, *then* you have something to offer another.

A relationship should be the icing on the cake for a person, not the thing keeping them together.
It's all about agreement and equality. If the woman is *genuinely* happy in her situation, be that being a full-time housewife, or a high-paid lawyer, or doctor....more power to her. 

The challenge is that many men not all... MANY, aren't supportive in *any* of those situations.
So many men use the "power" they have as a bread-winner against the woman... and if the woman is the bread-winner, the man is insecure and threatened.

However, this status wasn't about "fault"... it was about maintaining individuality.
Nobody should validate who you are, male or female!

Nobody completes you, you are who you are as a person. its like saying am 75% and you're my 25% .
Nah you are the 100% he or she is just the extra added bonus to add to your life. don't under estimate who you are.

I'm not pontificating what is "right" or "wrong"... I'm offering opinion. It doesn't make me "right" for all circumstances or relationships... it just means I'm offering perspective. 

And in my humble opinion, that is what is different about my approach. I'm not claiming that 

"THIS is the only way to do things" 
"this" might be, 
and as so many purported relationship experts have claimed...