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Monday, September 1, 2014

If you don't stand up for your principles when they are being tested, they aren't truly your principles. They're just your wish list.

Every person will have their dedication to their principles tested several times over their lifetime. In the world we live in, it is a given. 
You must be prepared to have your principles tested and to stand for what you believe. If you abandon your principles when your back's against the wall, what good are they?

Just like any skills, you have to continually practice and reinforce your principles. Know what you stand for and why. 
Have a deep understanding of your own code of standards, which will guide you throughout your life. If you don't build up your strength and confidence in your principles, just like the man or woman who does not continually practice their skills, when you need them most, you will falter.

Take the time to think about what principles are important for you to live by and then practice living those principles daily. 

Study them, visualize different scenarios where your principles are tested and you come out victorious, and reinforce your commitment to your code of honour daily. 

Never allow any situation to cause you to lower your standards. 
Live like a warrior who knows what we stands for and what we will not stand for...

No one is free of the threat of being told what to do. Everyone is free to ignore that threat.
Rules were written to serve the purposes of the rule makers...which is YOU!