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Friday, September 5, 2014

There MUST be a revolution!!

Its taking me some time to get it, but I am starting to believe that the whole system is controlled by a small batch of psychopaths who have the perpetual intention of hemming us into small little lives so they can reap the harvest from our efforts. If that is true, there must be a revolution.

The revolution is deep inside every one of us...shining the interior life do the glare becomes blinding to those who manipulate.
But many of us are rebelling and working to change that...and we can have that revolution...different from any that came before because we are awakening.
Look at it more as kind of a counter-culture movement at this time, in which we are preparing our revolution while gaining in numbers, but being sort of invisible to the psycho's who run the world of illusions. 
There will be no battle in the end however because their world will simply evaporate into the nothingness of which it is made from.

A great door opens every time we walk our own way. 

Not the way of the world, not the way of the other, but the way that is encoded in the bones of our being. It is not easy to open the great door in an inauthentic world, but open it we must. 
On the other side of the door, our real life awaits. Walk with your head high and your heart open. The Universe responds to authentic transformation. 
Nothing false will do.

You can connect from all kinds of places
energetic harmony, 
sexual alchemy, 
intellectual alignment, but they won’t sustain love over a lifetime. 

You need a thread that goes deeper, that moves below and beyond the shifting sands of compatibility. That thread is fascination, a genuine fascination with someone’s inner world, with the way they organize reality, with the unfathomable and bottomless depths of their being. 
To hear their soul cry out to you again and again, and to never lose interest in what it is trying to convey. 
If there is that, then there will still be love when the body sickens, when the sexuality fades, when the perfection projection is long shattered. 
If there is that, you will swim in love’s waters until the very last breath.

There are two types of relational silence- 
one that serves the connection, 
one that damages it. 

In the first, silence comes with the qualifier 
“I need some quiet time to reflect”, 
which is healthy and respectful to the connection. 

In the second, silence comes with no qualifier and others are left to wonder what is actually happening. In this case, silence is actually violence- a passive aggressive attempt to cause suffering, or, at the least, a negligent self-absorption that makes things worse. 

Given that so many of us grew up with the silent treatment, it is essential that we let others know what is happening when we go quiet. 
It is respectful and it keeps the love alive even something like 
“Time out!” 
can be enough to keep silence from turning into violence.

It is so complicated when the soul is involved, to imagine letting go, but letting go we must, or perhaps, better to think of it as a kind of letting through, letting the pain through the holes it leaves behind so it can find its ultimate destination. 
With the pain gone, the heart can now open to the next stage on its journey through time. 

Our souls expand when we see each adventure through. All the way through to the transformation at their core. 
To let go is to let grow... 

When we are young, it’s the illusion of perfection that we fall in love with. But, as we age, it’s the humanness that we fall in love with the poignant story of overcoming;
the depthful vulnerability of aging, 
the struggles that grew us in karmic stature, 
the way a soul shaped itself to accommodate its circumstances. 
With less energy to hold up our armour, we are revealed and, in the revealing, we call out to each other’s hearts. 
Where before wounds turned us off, they are now revealed as proof that God exists. 
Where we once saw imperfect scars, we now see evidence of a life fully lived.

The veil is thin between being blind to each other and seeing ourselves in each other. 

We walk past each other on the street, we sit beside each other in our separate vehicles, and we don’t realize how similar we are below our masks and adaptations. 

Our paths are similar, our worries are similar, and our longings are similar. 

In the next stage of collective expansion, we must real-eyes that we are in this together. We must get below the disguises that blind us to each other. 

I want to see you, 
I want to be seen, and 
I want to share the truth of this odd and fantastic life trip with my fellow humans. 

The authentic truth, not the cloaked version that we have been conditioned to present. 

How many changes when we recognize that we are walking the same soul-beat on the trail ways of transformation.