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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A few bits about smiling....with attitude ^__*

--do what we love at least once a day no matter who says what about shit. 

--ignore it if it sucks. See which outlasts which.

--winner cannot exist without loser, and vice versa. Each defines other. 

--a champion only given that pool of opponents. Not necessarily an actual accomplishment or victory. 

--perhaps there is no such thing as competition. Perhaps there is simply umpire less carnivals. 

--who umps the umps and who umps them?

--any ball game is a physics experiment under way. Results are dependent upon whether one is scoring the players, teams or just the ball. 

Cheer for the ball. Ball both wins and losses for both teams simultaneously and is thus a superior athlete.

--we are burned and we are died. 

In between, we did what they told us to and we did what we told us to.

--takes at least two.

--profusely asking why? 

And who says?

--smiling is like a toothbrush. 

Physically changes the funk and freshens up the breath. 

--it's not okay to have fun when other people are suffering. Everyone should sit down and be quiet until everyone is okay with losing everything.

--advertising is God. 

Want to read a good holy book? 
Check out Idiot's Guide to Marketing.

--artefacts are barely worth saving given someone else has to move them around after we're dead. It’s like acquiring stuff is how we give our family homework.

--we save it because we think it'll have value to someone else. 

'Here. Take this. I saved it for you.' 
'Shit. What if I don't want it?' 
'No. you have to take it. I saved it for you.'
 'Sigh. Damn.'

--it's like giving each other things is how we invade each other's territory...like we're playing risk and the more of our shit we get into someone else's house, the wider our subtle territorial reach. 

--who's got the thing we gave away that they better still have or else?

--can we imagine if virginity was applied to aging?

 We’d all be cherries popping seconds like first timers. 
Tick...POP! Tock...POP! Tick...POP! Tock...POP!

--nothing we have ever thought was really worth any money. Not if we're actually thinking. 

--'here. Believe this.' 

'nah. I don't want to.' 
'No. you have to. I say so.' 
'No. thanks though.' 
'Sigh. You’re going to suffer if you don't believe this.' 
'nah'. I won't.' 
'Yes, you will. I say so.' 
'No. thanks though. Have a good one.' 

--communicating depends on verification of meaning. 

Bizarrely, miscommunication is independent of meaning. 

--it is possible to say a sentence in one context that would really work in another different one, but not that one.

--examples are toy guns on a live battlefield made of mines and mortars.

--nature is not an example. 

It’s a live show. 

--a smile smiling smiles in a smiley way.

--smile just long enough to feel it. 

Then hide it until it is needed.