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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I like only what I think it is, so I like loosely, if that makes sense...

\) (> 
/ \ Respond;

I'm not seeking anything as much as pushing things around with a sound stick

playing with potentials;
more physics than psychology
'sound affects meat'

no one will remember me so there is no sense to seeking something
as much as
'playing with'

approval cannot be acquired. 
it has to be boomeranged.
I have to assign value to a thing
and then wait for it to respond to my appreciation of it
in order to feel like 'it likes me' even though
it couldn't matter unless I liked it first.

I see this all the time.
the 'watch me! watch me!' 
we decide it has value and then
we wait for it to give us 
our value

I call it
totally inside job.