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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When you are out there partying and horsing around, someone out there, at the same time, is working hard, someone is getting smarter, and someone is winning.

This is not admonition against relaxing or having fun, but rather an accurate statement on moderation and our habits. 
It is very easy to get into the habit of not working out,
taking a day, or two, or seven, off. 
It takes discipline to continue to work hard and stay in shape, 
but it takes very little effort to blow your workouts off and 
do something which requires less effort.

Use this to help keep yourself motivated. 

Whenever you feel like simply blowing your workout off, just remember that there are others out there who are no blowing off their workouts, 
who are getting stronger, 
more dangerous, and, 
have malicious minds to boot.

Stay motivated and continue to work hard. 

There is a time for relaxing, partying with friends, and just horsing around, but never at the expense of your training. 

Someone is preparing to win when their life is on the line; make sure that someone is YOU!

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of any endeavour.