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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Many are searching for their purpose....

We are driven by our own and others’ expectations of us, 
by images from the media and 
by social, cultural and class norms that can be difficult to escape from.

I believe we all must have our vision and purpose clear; 
it’s a deep-seated spiritual need in us.  

By which I don’t mean religious at all, although for many people those two things intersect; 
I mean in the context of having a sense of purpose understanding one’s direction, these are things we need..

An important part of the course is taking a look at the obstacles we place in our own way – 
the mind games we play, 
the negative self-talk – we’re expert at tripping ourselves up.  
It’s a point of recognition for people when they see how they do this to themselves.

Learning to connect with Source, you may think of this as God, or the Divine, the Universe, or as the impact and result of meditation, relaxation and/or prayer.  
It’s the groove that artists and sports people find that channels beautiful work and opens the path to the goalpost.....especially if you don’t already have this in your repertoire.