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Monday, June 23, 2014

God and Love are two of the most misderived words by our species.

There are no right and wrong answers, only perceptions and feelings through intuitions, thoughts, experiences. 

"LOVE is certainly linked to non-attachment and non-judgement, empathy and compassion, care and kindness first of all within oneself and towards oneself before it can extend to others...
God is all-encompassing, the totality of all there is including the Force and energy of Nature, of all the universes... not a distinct entity similar to humans to reward and punish human beings..." said one.

 Poets and prophets have been trying to define these two words since the beginning of time. Not sure we can solve this puzzle here. 
But it does make for great dialogue. 
As a frequency both these words become something that you have to connect to rather than something you can see physically with your five senses. 
Like a radio a computer or a wireless cell phone connects with some unforeseen force.
By looking inside ourselves we can find the true answer.

"And the true answer is nothing! 
And yet as humans we want to come into this reality of illusion and nothingness and meld it to our choosing. Energy always has a need to flow. 
Hence there is something beyond words
Something beyond words is 'no word' which is 'no mind'. No mind is anything -- Nothingness... Emptiness... Consciousness... Spirit --And that who we really are.
We can come to this body and extend this conversation as far as we can or simply observe everything because 'I AM' Nothing which is the source of everything.
Nothingness (Awareness, Consciousness, Spirit, I AM) become something when there is thing (mind).. If there is only awareness what remain?" ...said another.

There are no definite definitions for God and Love, only experiences which continue to evolve our definitions of these two mysteries. 
How we define these terms is a function of our evolution. 
And that is true of most of our language and world views....