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Friday, June 20, 2014

It is best to leave alone the things that do not concern you!?????

The admonition above seems like common sense. It is best to mind your own business, but the question is what is his business and what is not his business.

If you are out buying groceries and on your way back to your car you see some thug trying to mug a lady in the parking lot, is that your business? 
Many people may consider this whole incident none of their business because they don’t want to get involved, but truth is one have that option.

Living in this world that we shared makes certain things our business, even if you wish that they weren’t your business. 

The situation above is a prime example of this. As a true being, you would have an obligation to spring into action to help the lady in trouble. 
It would be unethicle for you to simply ignore what was happening to this poor lady in the parking lot. 
Actually, it is a disgrace for anyone to simply ignore that situation, but that is another subject.

While it is best to leave things alone which don’t concern you, it is vital that you are able to discern what concerns you and what does not concern you. 

“Mind your own business” does not merely mean that you walk through life blindly closing your eyes to the things going on around you. 

It literally means what it says mind your own business. 

The personal business of one being has a wider range than the personal business of the average person on the street. 

Think about this.