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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Honour is not black and white....

Many people have a warped sense of honour. 
Some use their sense of honour to justify stupid decisions. 

For example, someone may think that she/he is “too honourable” to fight dirty. Well to me, this is simply an unintelligent decision, but there are many people who view honour in terms of black or white. 
It is admirable that they at least have a sense of honour, even though their concept of honour is misguided and could cause them difficulty in certain situations.

Many people fail to even consider the significance of honour. 

To them, honour is a meaningless concept that went out of fashion with the knights of old. They could not care less about being honourable or whether their actions are right or wrong. 
They will tell you point blank that honour is a ridiculous concept. 
These are the people with questionable ethics are not people with whom the we want to associate with. 

Many times it is easy to tell if someone is totally lacking in honour. Dishonour is more easily discerned than honor.

Honour is not a black and white set of rules which we must abide by during our life. There is not one code of honour that is set in stone. 

As Samuel Coleridge wrote, 
“Our own heart, and not other men’s opinion, form our true honour.” 

We live our lives by a code of honour, but honour is much more complicated than many make it out to be. 
Honour is bound by intention, and no one is privy to another intention. Therefore, it is only the ONE who truly know whether or not they are an honourable human being.