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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Keep walking your path with courage!

Do not fear loneliness, it is not what it is seems.
Loneliness is your salvation. 

Risk everything, friend, risk everything for the love of truth.
Let loneliness be the end of 'you' as you know yourself.
Or at least, let it end the imagination of separation from the totality.

You can't tell yourself that you aren't lonely. 

You have to die to illusion first to be sure.
Through loss, through break-ups, 

through illness, 
through the death of dreams, 
through the passing of all that you thought would never pass, you will be invited to touch melancholy, meet sorrow in its raw state.
And you will be given a great opportunity.

For your loneliness is alive. 

Do not build walls around it. 
Do not numb yourself. 
Do not fall into distraction.
Do not let it solidify into "mine".
Do not become "the lonely one".
What you resist breaks you in two.

Let loneliness breathe. Oxygenate it.
Drop into its depths.
Begin a conversation with it; it is shy.
Do whatever you have to do, or not do, to meet loneliness without prejudice.

Feel the loneliness of all living beings.

The loneliness of a dying star, 

the last dinosaur as it says goodbye to its broken world.

Feel the exquisite loneliness of this beautiful earth, elegantly spinning in the vastness of space.
Feel the loneliness of time itself, never ending, never beginning, of a universe born of innocence.
Breathe into the Big Bang, exhale a cosmos.
Die and be reborn.
Re-enter the world from a place of intimacy.
Never call it 'loneliness' again; the word does not do it justice.

You cannot really be lonely, when every living being breathes with you.... 
Let your present experience become the most fascinating thing in all the universe.