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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Religious Tolerance? If your religion requires you to kill me for my disbelief, I don't have to tolerate it....

( •_•)
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/ \ If you are going to call yourself a religious person, then you should be more focused on feeding the poor, helping those in need, and spreading God's love throughout the world, instead of building elaborate churches, mosques, or temples.

There are A LOT of people in this world who need help and who see even those with the lowest incomes here in Australia, as rich.
If you are going to proclaim your love for God, then back it up with more than words. 

Walk the walk instead of just talking the talk! 
To do anything less is to be a hypocrite.

I Choose...

To live by choice, not chance.
To make changes, not excuses.
To be motivated, not manipulated.
To be useful, not used.
To excel, not compete.
I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.
To listen to my inner voice, not the random opinions of others.

You do get to choose, you know. 

You, and you only, make the specific decisions about how you will live your life. 
But you do have to choose. 

If you don't choose, you will simply live by chance. You will find that living by chance, making excuses, competing, and listening to others will come naturally, if you don't make a firm decision to live life your way.

Don't allow yourself to fall into self-pity, being used and manipulated, and then making excuses for your lack of discipline. 

This is not the way, choose to live life YOUR way. 

Choose to live by choice, not chance!