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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When does the pain actually stop though? Does it ever or do you simply learn to accept it?

In my experience with pain, it transmutes and evolves... if we can brave the pain and is present with it then it will show us new depths of ourselves and of life. It will offer gifts. 
It takes courage to walk through it and there's no time-line. It takes a lot of trust. It may or may never go away fully but if you can allow, it will become part of the tapestry of who you. 
From experience, the intense pain does pass.

"This too shall pass." is a mantra that can be helpful.

The journey form fear to freedom has been messy and chaotic as hell for me. The doubt was really about not resisting reality. 
And as we know....the pain is always in the resistance. 
So go ahead, get messy. Wade a round in the muck of your life. There is a treasure buried deep in that quicksand....
Where there is courage to open to the possibility we see a wondrous opportunity to deepen in karmic stature. 
It took such courage to brave it all; this is not to say that we don’t grieve loss, but to remind us of the opportunity that lives at the heart of every farewell. 
A little scar tissue can go a long way on the path to presence.
Just remember the love we had. Love longs to gently pour its healing balm through the cracked crevices of our shadow to the fertile soil within, just as the sunlight quietly streaming through the curtain of the darkened cell. Love changes us. 
There is no escape from its longing. 
It just does.

There is no easy way to be found "out there" to get us through life. We have each been created with the packaging of our own unique being, instructions and necessary gifts/tools for the direction of life included within. 
The challenge is to each our own package to discover the wonder within. And there it begins, there, deep within, we find the truth has been there all along. 
But we are not alone to do this work. We share the contents of our package with the packages of others, and we discover we have much in common as well as much to learn from each other as well as from the beauty of all that has been created around us. 

Love is the Great Packager that creates us and bonds us together on the journey. But, the journey begins and ends within, through the unwrapping of our own unique being in the daily mundane of life.

Love light and peace