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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Things may look like a negative coming at you , but just look deeper there's always a beyond. You will see the positive. The blessings in your life ! I believe!

Alphabets seem all alone so communicate might be akin to osmosis.
as fast as cells dividing, definitions forming
because any dance of words ultimately is a dance away from being, not even rumi, not even rumi
although beautiful.
that which seeks to define this is DEAD
use of being there seems asserted
Always seeming, can I know

Perhaps science and sanity....

Just own it and except authorship of the experience and the way you remember it: the narrative YOU made up about it. 
If you look -- HONESTLY -- you will see you are the dreamer of that dream. That being so, you are free to dream otherwise. 
This is lucidity.

It's just honesty: clarity. 
All interpretations of what "all the stuff that seems to have happened to some "me" are completely self assigned. 
It's all my doing/saying. 
I was my only enemy, EVER." 

Now, if it was/is my doing, 
I am free to decide to dream otherwise. 
You can't change what you don't own. 
"It's your entire fault, Sayang". 
I say 
"Grand, then it' mine to change". 

ONCE the changing starts, NOW there IS power BUT, to get to the power, there must be integrity: candour. 
No self deception about "How it all happened TO me". 
Ooo-lala, I see: 
It all happened FOR me. 
I am free. 
Bless the path that brings you here.

If you cannot get this far, a good start is to simply reserve judgement: Know you do not know what the ultimate significance of anything is.
Knowledge of one's ignorance is the start of wisdom. From it everything else just follows through reason.

love light and peace