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Monday, January 25, 2016

Speak to one another more often in the languages of music and kindness

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/ \ Blood is thicker than water, we hear this all the time. But it’s also more likely to clot and destroy. I am definitely from a family of clot and destroy. The pangs run deep right now.
It's why I had to start using a tourniquet.

Both sides of my family have great stories. I grew up with people who experienced exciting lives, shared their histories and passions, told stories that grew and grew and I did too.
Yes, I still do.
We all have stories to tell and want to tell. The problem is finding someone to WANT to listen and in a lot of cases also learn.
Family are the ones you were born to. There's another way I was born to: I am not an inferior life form!
Family are those that reflect where you are at on your journey. I believe that we bond together on the basis of shared resonance.
It has nothing to do with blood.

Two different ideas of family, two different worlds of possibility; 
Survive, or thrive.
Cling together for dear life, or invite each other to truly LIVE...

Sometimes, I think we have forgotten who we are. Let there be light, proof of love and reason, wed with goodwill, the finest of human sentiments.

If only we in this era could be worthy of the presence and wisdom of another.

Someday, all shall be well probably not in my life time. 
That's why I stopped buying green bananas.

love light and peace