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Saturday, November 8, 2014

You are fully human, fully divine.

As a human being, you are perfectly imperfect, gloriously flawed, your story forever stunningly unresolved. 
You will never reach a state of perfection in time, and that is why you are so loveable and human. 

Your flaws give you character, your quirks make you unique, your wrinkles and battle scars sing of a life fully lived, a world fully tasted, the pain as well as the bliss.

And beyond your story, your beliefs, your memories, your plans, your dreams of past and future, your personal history, you are nothing other than life itself, awake and alive here and now, prior to identification as a 'me'. 

You are inseparable from the vast intelligence that moves the stars, inseparable from what I Am, and your human 'flaws' pale in comparison to your cosmic perfection, your deathless and timeless nature, your Original Face prior to even the Big Bang. 
There are no flaws, here.

Can you live fully as a human being, loving and laughing and dancing and crying and fully savouring the riches of a beautifully impermanent and broken world, and at the same time, know intimately your unbroken Original Face, pristine and untouched by time, prior to all notions of 'duality' and 'nonduality'? 

Can you fully embrace the seeming paradox of this divine and human adventure, without ever turning these pointers into new identities, new places to rest? 

Can you see beyond 'you', and embrace 'you' in the very same breath? 

Can even the notion of 'nonduality' be released into infinity? 

Can there be a free-fall into the endless mystery of a sacred moment?

Can a single breath say more than words ever could?