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Friday, November 14, 2014

We can't really love the whole until we have a deep realization that we ARE the whole. Otherwise, the vastness of that love is always going to experienced as a threat

Spirituality has become a religion and it’s a religion that most people don’t seem to realize they are a part of. 
Like most religions it is a way to talk about God without ever actually realizing that God is within us. But the tricky part about most spiritual practices that are non religious in definition is that it says that God IS within us and in between us all. 
The tricky part about that is that when you say it, when you talk about it…you separate yourself from it. 
When God is an idea, and interconnection is an idea…when Love and all the rest is approached as a means to an end, you have a religion. 
Salvation from suffering is no closer through spirituality than through any other organized religion. But no other religion states that you are “THAT” so readily. 
Spirituality asserts that you are that amazing connected and brilliant bright thing from the get go. And the problem with that is two fold. 
The first is that it is so true. 
The second is that it is so far from the truth.
The person that literally hears how we are all one, is not the part of you that is all one. 
The part that hears it is divided against you. 
The part that hears this good news is the personality construct. 
The mind makes this news of connection and love and thus weaves it into the way it conducts itself. Sneaky. 
Harder than before to catch