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Thursday, November 13, 2014

I have no control is just another story of the storyteller mind. It is correct only insofar as it IS true that the storyteller mind has no control.

But since the storyteller mind is not who I am, it does not follow that I actually have no control. That is, the statement
"I have no control"
is true and only true of the "I" that is making that statement. If the rear-view mirror of the car were to say,
 "I have no control of the car," it would be correct. It would not follow, however, that there are no control mechanisms.
They're just not located in the rear-view mirror.

This "I have no control" is assuming that there is this thing called control that one has relinquished or realized one "doesn't" have. How can you NOT have something you claim doesn't not exist?
 The very fact of stating that it's not there brings "it" into play.

It's like bathing in a warm sea of bubbling, deepening and sometimes seemingly contradictory perspectives. Paradox dancing with itself... anywhere from foxtrot to funky chicken.
In Awakening you lose all the control you never had, or... you realize that you've had your hands on the rear-view mirror, believing it was steering the car. And then you go looking for the steering wheel.

Your Dharma stole your Karma and ran over your Dogma is what actually happened while you were staring into that confounded rear-view mirror!

All I know is that everything appeared larger. In submission to what is, one finds control. One can move with the flow and still steer, still accelerate, still put on the brakes.

Animals do this naturally, and we can too once again when we get back in touch with and keep our awareness on our centre instead of our interpretive minds.

Choices arise all the time....knee jerk reaction....or with awareness....listening to the belly...the Heart....the intuition...
The choice is ours...even if I can't find someone driving.. When the ego discovers it's not in charge and never has been, it laments,
"There's no control."

But, belly, heart, vibe... many other ways to tune in and choose consciously. The true abode of aliveness is 'down there' below the waist It's that that's where we feel much of the natural guidance system....not behind the eyes.
It's a different flavour of consciousness, yes, and its choosing can feel to us like 'not choosing' because there is no weighing of options involved.
It's instantaneous.

I tend to watch out for believing anything. But there is a sensation, a sense, a feeling, a hammy of aliveness that requires no belief, but, instead, tends to smile at my believing in anything seriously other than in my own existence.
And this I don't have to believe in because it's happening.
And, to blather on even further, I can also see now that my existence is completely tied into all existence.

My existence is strictly relational. Everything's existence is relational. Ergo (love that word), depending upon and identifying with a storytelling mind that believes in its own independence would be and has been pretty foolhardy.

And so I turn to my heart and my gut which feel, without a doubt, their connection to all of life. And there I put my trust.
My sense is that there IS a realm of thinking and talking about experience that is more than mere storytelling and the ego's attempts to confiscate an experience and make it its own.

I think there is value in talking about our experiences in a deep and meaningful way, even as we see that words are not a substitute for whatever they're pointing at.

It's when the storytelling mind takes hold of a thing and wants to turn it into a belief that mischief is happening.