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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yes, think, Think, THINK!!! Something not done enough.

Upon the realisation of the true purpose in life we will hear the deafening sound of many of the world’s illusions shattering within us, where they had made a home of comfort.
It’s necessary to reflect upon ourselves deeply, attending to the many wounds of the soul which had caged reality.

Suppression of the soul is denying it freedom to fulfil its spiritual journey, its purpose, and life itself, locked away from the light of all truth, development and progression.

To release the soul from within the cage we must bring the destruction of every illusion shown by the world which we easily embraced as means of escaping all we are unable to confront.

Indeed it easy to accomplish this if we desired to learn.....

Nothing is gained through life without seeking or wanting it in everything we do, we want or we seek, be it the truth or the contentment what we accept.

Your life your purpose…