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Saturday, November 15, 2014

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/ \ My respond is.....
Our minds are imprisoned by a stories. If you were to sit down with someone who had never been exposed to religion and explain to them in detail your mythical beliefs, they would think you are mentally ill.
A wise man or woman loves peace more than making war. There seem to be far too few wise ones in the world right now.
We are on a path of destruction.
There seems to be 3 attitudes toward war.
1- complete apathy or just not thinking about it until it is at your front door.
2- Justification taking sides supporting it or
3- Finding a way toward Peace.
Precious few in the 3rd category. Some have devoted their life toward Peace but as long as the human condition is dominated by fear, greed, lies, and ego separatism wars are inevitable.
For me the only way to 'fight" for Peace is to find Peace within and radiate that to my circle of influence.
Acceptance of others differences, non-judgement, and Compassion needs to some day be the mantra of humanity.

We are at a crossroads of either complete destruction or evolution of the Human Spirit.