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Sunday, November 2, 2014

I have reasons for the way I do things and for why I do things. If people took the time to a) ask "why?" and/or b) listen, they would understand that things are actually very logical.

Why I ask?

I am not trying to create a conflict when I ask "why", all I am to just trying to understand something in a world which is already very confusing.

It’s a great way to be. I love challenging the norms and things other people don't think to question. It brings up the stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone but that society is just blindly going along with. 
Hooray for questioning types!

If something makes no logical sense to me, I cannot support it, after all I only ask questions that matters to me. I have been like this my whole life and this is how I raise my son too, 
I don't encourage telling children to do things unless they understand why.

Sometimes this causes difficulties with especially meeting new people at times as they don't understand or expect this. 
Even if I don't quite agree with the reason I'm usually good to go after I've had a short explanation as to why it's done a certain way. 
I just need a minute to process.
It has nothing to do with their authority.

I've had this problem my entire life. As a child I was told I was being disrespectful if I asked,
A Child was supposed to be seen not heard, let alone ask,
To start with,
“Who make the rules in the first place?”
I think this is bullshit, I believe it's based on their tone when they ask. 

Children have feelings and questions just as adults do. They should be allowed to ask/share them. Usually they are not. 
We wonder why kids grow up confused adults. They are usually shut down, quite simple. And YES, I always want to know why to most everything, this is usually taken as being difficult/or even stupid, but never how it's meant on my part.

The 'why' is important for everyone? 

Understanding the 'why' makes a person want to do a thing a certain way and helps them retain the information. 

If more people started with the 'why', then perhaps they would not find others quite so confrontational. It's important to question things and not to blindly follow things we don't understand.
Many people seem content to go along with things even though they admit they don't understand them, they think it would be rude somehow to ask or questions the other person or even worst the so call authority.

From my experience people don't know the real reasons for the silly rules to exist, and to point out the real reasons often backfires, the messenger being confused with the message.

I don't accept anything that makes no sense for me. 

And why should you accept what you are told???

We human are so quick to judge and call something stupid or otherwise, before they even try to understand. In truth, a lot of people don't seem to care.