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Sunday, November 9, 2014

This beauty is not the beauty of the mind. It embraces all. Light and dark, sorrow and joy. An infinitely large picture. Without judgement, but with deeply engaged and compassionate action.

There are no negative thoughts.
We call a thought 'negative' when we don't like what it says about us - in other words, when we are defending an image.

These nothing neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so.
Well, that's the point- if it was seen as just a thought, we wouldn't call it negative.
A beautiful reflection!!

Come to a point in life where we have nothing to defend, where all we need to do is just BE in the moment, in the timelessness and space-lessens of NOW.

There is love and there is fear.

Love is our natural state.
Love is truth.
Love is all encompassing and what all is encompassing can have no opposite in reality.

Fear is of the ego.
Ego is merely an error that cannot be found in reality.

Any thought that is loving can be recognized as truth.
Any thought that does not love can be recognized as error and forgiven.

Remember that your natural state reality is love