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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Minimalism is, in many ways, an invitation...

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down. The need to impress others causes half the world’s woes.

From the moment we’re born, we’re told to pursue more and more. But what if they are all wrong? What if happiness can’t be bought at a department store? What if more isn’t always better? What if, in reality, there is actually more joy in less?

 That truth would change everything! It would change the way we spend our hours, our energy, and our money. It would change the very foundation of our lives… and free us up to pursue the things in life that we are most passionate about. It would be a freeing and life-giving realization.

We know that possessions don’t equal joy. And we know that our life is far too valuable to waste chasing them.

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan

People often ask me, “What’s so great about being a minimalist?” I usually answer with one word: freedom.

 If you are not content with your life today, there is nothing you can buy tomorrow that will change that.