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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whenever you need direction, call to mind the decision, concern, or topic you’re wondering about and ask your heart to guide you on the best course of action. 
Next, voice out loud each option you’re considering. 

If the decision, thought, or course of action you expressed is aligned with your heart and your greatest good, your body will feel a warm, 
energetic confirmation flowing from your heart and throughout your body. 

If the course or direction you’re considering is not in alignment with your heart, you will feel a very subtle dissonance or agitated energy in your heart and
throughout your body. 

Either way, resonant or dissonant, the response from your Higher Self will be subtle, at least as you are first becoming connected. 
With attention, and with consistent awareness of, and connection with, your heart, its guidance will become stronger and stronger. 

Finally, it will become the primary and eventually, only energy that moves you throughout each day.