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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. Einstein

People today seem to have a very bad habit of jumping to conclusions and condemning someone, without taking the time to get the facts. 
Whether this comes from laziness or blind trust in others, it is, as Einstein told us, the height of ignorance.
 It is just plain unwise. 
This is the very same attitude that a lynch mob has.

"Look beneath. For ordinary things are far other than they seem...The false is ever the lead in everything, continually dragging along the fools: the truth brings up the rear, is late, and limps along upon the arm of time." Baltasar Gracian

People like this act on their emotions without giving the situation any intelligent or rational thought. What's more, the vast majority of the time, people who condemn others without finding out the facts first, and rarely change their opinions, even when their opinions are proven wrong.

"Nothing is more disagreeable than a majority; for it consists of a few powerful people in the lead, rogues who are adaptable, weak people who assimilate with the rest, and the crowd that trundles along behind without the slightest notion of what it's after." Goethe

The true being looks beyond what is first presented as the truth. Go the extra yard to find out the facts and then makes up your mind. 

You need to understands that there will be many who will want to distort the facts, or spin them in a way that cloaks the truth, and so questions what they say rather than take their words as the gospel truth. 

Never blindly go along with the crowd; always take the time to find out the truth for yourself.