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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not Even Close

not a piece in view
around an edge around an edge

way behind
real far that a way
farther than I can point
or see

back there
other side of the island
[a world of worlds]
a stones throw
from this here side

'as the crow flies'

no straight lines
on a sphere
nor a crow.

"oh, ya think that's straight do ya?
what if i do this to it?"

'sources are telling us'
according to sources
sources have said
as of late that...'

come on.
i can't see. move.
i can't see. move.
you' re in the way.
move your head.
move your feet.
i can't see.

obstruction of just this.
road block.
stuck in traffic.
bridge out.
lane closed.

"why don't they think about what they are doing?"
"probably because no one's in there."

accidents never happened.
what happened

fully in view;
plain sighted.

no cue.
no line.
no take-a-number.

no other kind of waiting
besides the real kind.