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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I often see the stress and defensiveness that comes with ownership. What many see as success I see as compromising an inner sense of freedom

If it has a price tag on it, what is it really?
What is it? 
Isn’t it owned? 
And what is it that is owned? 
What is it? 
Isn’t a feature of the universe? 
Does someone own the features of the universe? 
Who has the right to private property, given the facts of all we know about the material around us, within us, as us? 
Isn’t it all us? 
Isn’t everything us? 
Are we doomed to remain savages separated by illusion of separateness or are we fated for something else? Isn’t it a pipe dream, no matter what hope it is? 
And yet, how much do we cost? 
All of u$? 
Aren’t we free already?