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Saturday, August 9, 2014

I am the Lie, I am the Destroyer...

I have heard the rumours and whispering of discontentment
I have seen the shaking, angry fists and pointing fingers
I have felt the hot breath of heavy arguments raging
I have tasted the bitterness of people divided by lies

I know the joys that set the roots of longing in your past
I feel the desperation in your pleas for promise and hope
I sense the anxiety as you hold tightly onto the present
I believe in your worthy long suffering to shape the future

You're the split bodies that bathed distant shores to bloody red
You're the American, born, baptized, and buried dressed in white
You're the desperate hands that hold the stars on waving fields of blue
You're the wish that your bright banner would never fade away

I will blow down your sacred edifices of long traditions
I will flood your highest towers of hope and progress
I will freeze still the warm affection flowing for your countrymen
I will burn your paper cities to the ground with a thought

I am the new inquisition of hope for your salvation
I am the new keeper of peace in your streets
I am the new movement for your security and freedom
I am the new face, walking an old path, to the same place!

I am the essence and energy of love. Knowing this, I can accept all conditions, all events, all feelings, and all people. Nothing and no one can escape my strong embrace or the deep gratitude of my heart. This is the healing of the world to which we can all contribute. 
A dear friend calls this "exquisite vulnerability." 
And so it is.