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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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/ \  When you think you've discovered what for you is TRUTH, sit down, be still, quiet your mind, and go deeper, always deeper. 
Find that place inside where there are no words, no thoughts, no you or me, no this or that, no TRUTH or error, no sin or righteousness, no black or white, just simple, naked, stripped-down-to-nothing AWARENESS. 
It isn't difficult really. 

The mind can't figure it out, of course, but it's right there, underneath and behind all of your thoughts and words. 

It's the silent background that is the Source of everything. It's what many people refer to as God, but which has nothing at all to do with mythical beings. 
It is just this, and this, and this. 
Right here, right now. 

We so depend on our minds to find the address of this place, but the skills of the mind can never locate it. 

And yet it can never really be lost...only unrealized or unrecognised by the mind. 

So go to the Silence within your heart. Go there and be embraced by the mystery you find there. Lose yourself in it, like diving into the delicious waters of a mountain lake. 

Lose yourself and find something far more precious, something that cannot be spoken but which can certainly be KNOWN. 

Find your deepest SELF.


If you think you can speak the truth or even think it, you're mistaken. Shhhh.