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Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Without using memory as a basis for continuous identity, nothing happened.
just feeling it
'nothing happened'
reveals the simplicity of it
nothing happened.
anything I use to say something happened
is memory.
if I don't take it seriously,
this is unbearably simple,
sitting here,
knowing nothing.
"Cease to believe you ever saw it as it really was and you won't see it now, either."
It's simple. eyes are open now and where is what is being looked at?
If I can't know where what I see now is, what could I know about anything else I think I saw? Just what I see or hear this instant.......
No way to quantify memories non-arbitrarily, not discounting, actually looking.
Memory whispers that something happened:
Like today I was thinking....about my father
And I was 35 years old
And 2 weeks after becoming a grandfather
And now it's been 17years,
He's been gone
Which all is just a memory or series of,
Outside of which,
It never happened.

Without using memory as a basis for continuous identity, even "nothing happened" never happened and on and on and on...
Funny ad-infinitum is a 'logical fallacy' even though it is the actual nature of event. It is certainly a nagging habit.

It's easy to confuse thought with sentences. They are and are not the same thing.