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Sunday, August 24, 2014

What would it be like to experience life directly, vividly, without the presence of an explanatory and intervening story?

The need for certainty is the only prison that locks us away from the spontaneous joy of living.
I'll tell you a little secret if you promise not to freak out. *whispered*

The door has never been locked.

Just walk through the door into a friendlier dimension...
I no longer base life on the words in sacred books although I was a student for many years. Direct experience is the best teacher, I feel.

I have found that life and relationships are simply too "squiggly" to fit within the confines of any given theoretical, philosophical, or theological template.

Launch out alone from the Shore of Certainty and see what wonders await you in the hidden depths of unknowing and dress accordingly

One surveys the religious and spiritual landscape becoming well acquainted with all, until the day arrives when you pack it all up and drop it in the shit can and walk away naked.
We are bound only by our own imaginary fears until we realize one day that certainty is the prison that holds us.

I had some "heavy mystical experience" with a few aftershocks later, but they were dropped in an ego that was unprepared to hold them in balance, so it took be decades to recover my balance...a blessing and a curse, these "mystical experiences."

Which is probably why our parents warn us of the dangers of ego inflation after such experiences of altered consciousness?

There is no 'spiritual life' without first establishing a reasonably healthy psyche. The new crop of spiritual teachers perhaps a few exceptions never did their homework and now covers this up by pretending to know psychology.

Regarding the spiritual quest, there is ultimately no help to be found outside of yourself. But then, there really is nothing outside of you too.