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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Each works with what is worked with.

Everything changes.

As I change, memory flickers of those early videos, like those first crashes on blue banana-seat bicycle, pop in and I wince. 
It wasn't my fault then, how little I knew, any more than it is my fault now how little I know.

I feel lucky for this unauthorized education. 
We are all here together and we are all changing. I

 have completely lost interest in neither ultimate truth nor wish to ponder it again. It's enough to watch Chef Lei on Pinny stick his arm through the flames under the wok and push-flip the chow mein. 
Does he feel the heat any more and is that his son or just a friend? 
Or both?

The only interesting thing about reality is personality."

A salute to personality and anyone working with something to be worked with.
May we lose interest in losing interest and blaze every onward, curious about what each other could be seeing in the being and what questions will drive off the edge long after we are gone.

If self were an illusion, you'd commit suicide because no one could ever see you. 
You'd be autistic at best. 
You'd be unconcerned with communicating, for who could hear it if no one exists?

I am here. If anyone is here, I am here. I AM ALIVE!

"There is nothing you can say about my experience. Nothing. I have no questions for you about my life."

Let's be friends and tell each other about what we do.

I just read a wonderful story by David Foster Wallace, who I am late to discover and yet late in this case is definitely better than never. Wow.
The story was called:
Little Expressionless Animals.

Have you read anything by him? 
Or what are you reading? 
Or what is it that you notice today that you haven't seen before?

Opinions are just random thoughts in an endless sea of random thoughts with which we have chosen or been conditioned to identify. 
They have no more substance than that and yet we choose our friends and condemn our enemies based upon them. 
We defend our precious opinions at all costs...even death in some cases. That's how important it is to be "right". 
We believe our very survival depends on holding the correct opinions when in fact survival depends much more on flexibility and the ability to adapt.