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Thursday, April 3, 2014

There seems to be no way of doing this,..other than conceptually. does presence need a functioning brain or does the brain function in presence,..this is THE question

"An unexpected piece of news comes your way. 
An unforeseen occurrence, an out-of-the-blue revelation. 

Something you thought was yours is now lost, perhaps forever. 
An old way of life has fallen away. 
Old friends now come to visit: 
That sinking feeling in the stomach. 
That shortness of breath. 
That primal sense of disorientation. 

Who are you? 
What can be trusted? 
What will happen now? 

A dream of how life "was going to be" is dead and dying. 

An old identity is melting away. 
An old future has become void. 

The invitation? 

Stay with this death. 
Breathe through it. 

Stay present in the midst of the movement. 
Ground yourself as the old ground falls away - it was never the true Ground anyway. 
Know that only the false is crumbling, and the real cannot crumble. Life itself cannot go wrong, who you truly are cannot perish, only your plans. 

"My life" is always changing, that is its nature, so let the change be natural, and let the false crumble into the Life that you are. 
Let truth reveal itself, moment by moment, without rewinding or fast-forwarding the movie. 

Lean into the seeming mess, relax into the present scene. 

See the aliveness and creativity in the cyclone - you are only witnessing the death of dreams. 

Know yourself as the deep and unshakeable calm at the timeless eye of the storm. Who you are has always witnessed the passing of storms. 

Crisis is not disaster, it is birth. 
This is your invitation."