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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'deserve' is not something i understand 'get', that i can grasp i get it or i don't deserve? i don't really know what that could mean

Grace is not something that pours down from the heavens. 
It is something that rises up from within us.

We fall down, we get up. 
We get up, we fall down. 
We either see our stumbles as examples of our own victim, we are being abused by the universe or as opportunities for self-creation embracing life’s challenges as essential lessons from within. 

The gift of falling down there’s gold in them there spills. 
Stumbling toward ecstasy....

Our physical muscle structure requires this process in order to grow, it makes sense that our conscience, spiritual and emotional being would require the same process for growth.

We must not give up. 

It takes so much time to heal because we are not just healing our own wounds- we are healing the world’s wounds, too. We think we are alone with our ‘stuff’, but we are not.

With every clearing of our emotional debris, with every foray into a healthier way of being, with every excavation and release of old material, we heal the collective heart.

So many of our familial and karmic ancestors had little opportunity to heal their pains, when we heal, their spirits breathe a sigh of relief.