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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I do my best and my best is as poor as you judge it....

I don't experience your criticism to be too far off my own of myself, though. 
I have done my best to be up front and clear in the open about how I am and what I think and how I view things and what I do. 
I failed in the way any attempt over a continuous duration is going to experience fluctuations and yet, over all. 
I feel like I tried something I had never seen before and gave it my best shot with as much integrity as I could throw at it. 

I assume, like any historical event, the memory of the last four years of being Sayang Osman will change as only aging demands. 

What I do know, and where I agree with you, is I want to live from a place of greater integrity.

In order to do that I can only say my current plan of action is allow me to go out with what I am happy with, criticize whoever I like, and for no reason rather than for a good one.

You're right. 

I make little sense. 
However, that is what life is about, confusion. At least, it was the last time I wondered about it. Maybe it isn't. Shit, I don't know. 
Thanks for asking.

All I know is what I know through my own experience and view, as do you. 

But how can you tell me my experiences are false when I'm the one experiencing them? 
What if my experiences where full of wonder, enchanting, so far out, and beautiful I cant even put into words. 

Its like trying to explain or describe what sweetness is to someone who's never tasted sugar. 

How can they tell me there is no such as sweetness? 

My writing obviously bug you enough to comment on them, because when you are not interested you ignore them and won't take the time answer or comment. 
I know when I'm not interested in something I usually ignore it. Your comments are interesting to me because they are a different shade than most.

Or you just wanted to get my attention, and did by saying something untrue as you so willing does. 
How can you say something is so certain? 

But your experience of me is something completely different from my view. As is my experience different from your judgement about them.

So you only need to listen to your own heart and soul.