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Thursday, April 10, 2014

It is possible to lose the human form...

Sounds more like mankind has been altered to mimic these different stages... including the "machine" or robot.
The first step in not being a robot is to admit you are a robot.

Ouspensky, had many views that congealed with reality and an equal amount that seemed to be a tangent to truth... Perhaps he was judging all mankind using himself as a control sample.

Werner Erhard lifted much of his stuff to create est, and during the est process, if you "got it", you had a direct experience of being a machine, and by having that experience, the possibility arises of no longer being a machine.

If a causative "circumstance" or "treatment" for bringing about the ultimate understanding were known then one might conclude that we'd see awakening on a much broader scale than is apparent.
I am not much attracted to the terms "machine" or "robot" when it comes to a mans' awakening. Both terms imply predictable rigidity in design. 
Those 'aha' moments are aptly named. Machines and robots, as far as I've seen, don't experience surprises.

One does not like to be labelled in reference to what is but a more soothing politically correct dogmatic phrase... And yes, many are not wired for enlightenment/awakening. They do not possess the rudimentary requirement, which is unabridged honesty..

It isn't what somebody else labels me but what I might label myself that creates impediment and suffering.

Have you not heard of those who, despite living 'dishonest' lives were nevertheless 'shaken from their tree'?

I have witnessed those shaken from their tree.. but because of their lack of honesty, they were unable to properly identify really what was going on... 
What's wrong with a little suffering..? 
In the words of the late, great Janise Joplin:
 Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

Many, many people will have those aaahaa moments, yet they cannot understand what it actually means... The robot has been programmed with ease and relies on what is read or told to them... 

They have not suffered their years in the desert to purge their minds of some others interpretation... I no longer input the robot computer with the words of others.. 
Though I may stumble with the words to explain what I see, I try with all my ability to make those words mine.. weeding out that which obviously is a result of some distraction.

 Most only feel with their sensory organs and only think within the bounds of their program, single dimensionally...
Love does not exist for these, but desire in various forms is renamed love