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Friday, April 11, 2014

Each path unique, yet ever intertwined with other's. It is what makes life so wonderful and unpredictable....

( •_•)
\) (>
/ \  Ah the freshness of the now, memory fails in comparison, humans tend to create virtual reality maps, mental abstractions.
Language moves undetected
leaving no trace
Every time I strangle up my mind trying to make sense of nonsense I become exhausted, laughter ensues until the energy builds and it happens again.
I don't believe the report and I like the sound of 'strangle up' and 'ensues until'.
Words are the only thing happening.
Language is the only thing that is alive.
No one knows anything at all about 'state'.

Which one out of place?
Which one wrong face?
Which one improper space?

None the one.

What can be done about moving humans heading wherever?

Nothing much.

The path we take is where we meet.

 The perfect parade of human heads