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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Accepting others for who they are is really easy, just get the hell away from them....

How sad it must be to go through life angry.

People need to learn to love and/or at least except life for what it is. 
Be happy with yourself first, and you will be happy. 
Anger will melt away. 

There is nothing that anyone else can say or do that can truly have an affect on your life unless you allow it to. 

We are the gate keepers of our own happiness!! 

No room here for anger or hate.

Some fear that words will be used to take away what they want. That makes judging and reacting defensively in response necessary to them.

You are the only one that can perceive anything as an attack or an insult. It takes your complete and total involvement. 

I have recently taken affinity with the complete and total acceptance of free speech and free thought. I am learning how to successfully separate this from free action and feel respect for all possible opinions from the living sample. 

The best thing I have learned so far is no one has to be directed. 

In accepting all possible free speech and free thought, I have to reject the desire to change what anyone could express. 
I can't direct where I want the response to go. 
I have to accept I might hear what I don't want to hear and yet hold a greater value for it's possibility of expression unhindered by the threat of violence for expressing such a thought. 
Thoughts alone are not actually dangerous. 
They require action to become real-world threats. 

In addition, I have learned it's okay to banter and play with what communication makes possible. I picked your comment to play with, because as you said, it was where I learned the most about how I try to play 'director'. 

I guess the other cool thing about the free speech/free thought intention is there are no communication rules. There are no guidelines of what communication is and thus, no one is more or less powerful. 
I like that, too.