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Monday, April 7, 2014

I started realizing how simple it all really is and that is the message in itself......

I am impulsive and optimistic. 
That combination can be a bit dangerous you would think. 
But, has not been so for me. 

I get excited and leap believing the best will be. 
Low and behold, the best always is, it's not failed me yet. 
And I've got a lot of years into this. 

All circumstances, meetings, occurrences in our lives are always for something Good. 
You do have look for it though. 
Sometimes it is hiding, 
sometimes it takes some time to find it. 
But you can always find it, if you want to. 

Looking for Good is really just another way of finding the Truth. 

The Truth is the Pure Light beyond time and space and matter, but the Truth contains all space and matter, you and me. 
Finding the Truth is the reason we are all here in this world experience. 
We are here to uncover or reveal for our self the Goodness that is right here standing behind everything. 

There is Light and Beauty in all things. 

It is always here. 

Of course it is. 

Because in the Light of Truth, Good is All that is going here. 
You can find it coming and going, either way, it remains Good. 

God does not have an opposite of Itself, it is All That Is, Totality. 
Even the shadow leads to the tree. 
So shadow is good. 

Well, I have been able to find Good in all things. 
If I can do it, any one can. 
And the wonders and the joy that transpire when we do this, are pure magic, absolutely divine. 

For me, it has become the only way. 

Now the steady stream of Love and Power sustains me.

And so, that is what I will do, I let this steam pour out into my world. 
I can't see much else to live for but to Love. 
Love seems to me to be the only reason I am here.

So, there you go, I'll do what I can

So it is